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You have already fallen love with this program, the results, the flexibility and you want to keep up your momentum but are ready to graduate from the 6-week rounds!

I hear you loud and clear!

Let me introduce you to our exclusive community for my clients that have completed 2 rounds of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss®- VIP!

What is VIP and why do you need it? Glad you asked!

Here is what you will receive:

Support. Our coaches and mentors check on our VIP clients every day, including weekends! Not only that, the members of VIP truly care about each other and show incredible support.

A new health-related topic each month that will further our knowledge and promote real health. We will rise together in 2019 and our goal is to elevate our health to a whole new level of amazing! Past topics include gut health, sleep, mindset, detox, and more!

Exclusive access to mentors specializing in macros, hormones, and fitness. They are available daily for questions and truly elevate the VIP experience.

Exclusive trainings each month with our mentors and/or other outside experts.  Each training is available in the Facebook group, with access to past trainings as well!

Exclusive access to the VIP store where clients can purchase items not available to the general public (or even our 6-week clients). This includes the popular Hormone Health Consult and Macro Consult. 

All this, plus amazing new workouts every day! 

Don’t forget, you can cancel at any time, there is no contract or commitment. Most members choose to stay because they love our community and learn so much each month!

In FEBRUARY our theme will be Macros to Meal Plan!  We’ll focus on:
How to turn macros into a meal plan—tips and tricks for real lifeMeal planning suitable for the whole familyBody acceptance and loving ourselves

Click below to register and be sure to use code: 20OFFVIP for a $20 monthly savings- overall investment $79/month!